China imported 116,3 tonnes of gold in September

According to the latest data from the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department, China has imported 116,3 tonnes of gold from Hong Kong during the month of September. Gross imports went down a little compared to the month before, but compared to September last year it was almost 67% higher. Net imports, the figure which is adjusted for the exports of gold from China back to Hong Kong, came in at 109,6 tonnes during September. A small drop compared to the net imports of 110,2 tonnes of gold in August.

Chinese gold imports in 2013 and 2013

Chinese gold imports in 2013 and 2013

China continues buying gold

The Chinese don’t seem to bother with the decline in gold prices during this year. Quite the opposite is true, because the gross gold imports of China are 1.114,9 tonnes so far this year. Compared to last year, we are talking about an increase of 91,6% in gross gold imports. Earlier this year, the World Gold Council predicted net gold imports in China to surpass the 1.000 tonnes. With total net imports at 826,3 tonnes in the first nine months of this year, this target will probably be reached quite soon.

During September, the price of gold declined for the first time in three months. Gold premiums during this month went down as well, according to Bloomberg. The average premium on gold was $8,97 per troy ounce in September, compared to $13,57 per troy ounce in August.

This year gold prices are down almost 20% in dollars and more than 23% in euro’s. However, large gold markets like China, Russia and India keep buying a lot of gold. Especially China, which doubled gold imports compared to last year…