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Why the ECB should buy gold instead of bonds from Eurozone countries

Article written by Richard van der Linde, first published on Linkedin ‘What would you do with €80 billion per month to stimulate the economy in Europe?’ That was the question posted by the makers of a documentary for Dutch national television (VPRO Tegenlicht) about money creation by Lees verder..

Russia adds 40 tonnes to gold reserves

Russia has added over 40 tonnes of gold to it’s reserves in October, according to the latest data released by the Central Bank of Russia. Since 2006, the year in which the country started to accumulate gold, they never added such a great amount of gold as Lees verder..

Rabobank: “Gold is a bubble which will burst”

Gold is a bubble which will burst, according to Rabobank chief investment officer Han Dieperink. In his latest update on financial markets, he expects gold to drop below $500 per troy ounce, much lower than the current price of about $1.315 per troy ounce. He sees a Lees verder..

ABN Amro revised gold price forecast to $1.300

The ABN Amro revised their gold price forecast for 2016 from $900 to $1.300 per troy ounce. The upward revision is remarkable, because the bank held a negative stance towards gold for the past couple of years. As recently as December last year, precious metals analyst Georgette Boele Lees verder..

Russia bought more than 200 tonnes of gold in 2015

The Central Bank of Russia keeps adding gold to their reserves, despite the challenges posed by the economic crisis. According to the latest numbers published by the central bank, they added 21,7 tonnes to their reserves in the month of December. Ranked by total gold holdings, Russia holds the sixth Lees verder..

Austria successfully repatriates gold from London

The Austrian central bank has successfully repatriated part of it’s gold reserve from the Bank of England and wants to show this to the rest of the world. So they invited the press to visit the central bank and take a look at the freshly  delivered goldbars Lees verder..

Invest in Gold or Silver: Pros & Cons

Gold and silver are always considered to be safe from an investment standpoint. As precious metals, they are the first commodities people around the world turn to when they predict an economic or financial crisis, as it helps them protect their investment. When thinking about investing in Lees verder..

Move over ZIRP… Here Comes NIRP!

Precious metals prices enter the new week looking to extend the rally that began Oct. 2nd. Silver has gained nearly 10%, and gold is up almost 3.5%. The notion that the Federal Reserve governors may have missed their window to raise interest rates is beginning to sink Lees verder..

China on gold: “Troy ounce no more”

On 28 October, the Chinese central bank will launch their new 2016 gold and silver Panda coins. An interesting detail discovered by @BullionBaron is that these coins will not appear in one troy ounce size. Instead, they will be minted on a metric weight system with sizes varying from 1 gram up Lees verder..