Dagelijkse kost 12 oktober 2011

Goldman Sachs Eaings Collapse Seen as Wells Fargo Heads for Record Year (Bloomberg)

Merkel: Noodfonds 23 oktober verhoogd (RTL-Z)

S&P and Fitch downgrade Spanish banks (FT Alphaville)

Missteps to Mayhem: Inside the Financial Mayhem Machine and the Policy Stalemate Today (Jesse's Café Américain)

China calls for firm opposition to U.S. domestic legislation pressuring RMB exchange rate (Xinhua)

China says US yuan vote could set off trade war (Telegraph)

Iranians accused in Iraq bombing deaths of soldiers (Washington Times)

Republicans Seek Debate Edge; Christie Backs Romney (Bloomberg)

Republican candidates vow to oust Fed's Beanke (Reuters)

It Begins: Harrisburg Files For Bankruptcy Protection (Zero Hedge)

Tot slot, via Chart of the Day (Business Insider) een veelzeggende grafiek.