Dagelijkse kost van 5 oktober 2011

Wie heeft het Nederlandse woord voor Bad Bank? (RTL-Z)

Compare and contrast – Italy and the UK (FT Alphaville)

Operation Twist a Primer for QE3? (Financial Sense)

Dexia in 10 krasse cijfers en een boude oude uitspraak (De Tijd)

'Sterke Europese landen moeten stimuleren' (Nu.nl)

En de quote van de dag is afkomstig van Peter Tchir van TF Market Analysis (via Zero Hedge)

“Anyways, we are back to rallying on headlines and sound-bites and hopes that “Europe Finally Gets It”. Maybe this time the details won't disappoint. Actually, maybe this time we will get to the details, since so many of the last few rallies were based on rumors or plans that never even made it to the detail stage. In the meantime I will try and figure out how Italy providing money to EFSF so the EFSF can buy their bonds, how Italy contributing to the ECB which buys its bonds, how Italy providing money to the IMF to buy Italian bonds, and Italy working on plans to save Italian banks whose exposure to Italy is a part of their problem, fixes anything”.